Meme War Veteran Vinyl Sticker


Whether it's publicly online, privately in the DMs or through sms messages; wars are being fought every day. Wars where the weaponry are photographs with witty, relatable, or self esteem crushing captions. The ribbon on the patch reads PEPE in binary, as a tribute to one of the greats. I hope it goes without saying, but the patch is to celebrate memes and the meme wars, not disrespect veterans or their service in any way. Make sure you pick up the Meme War Veteran t-shirt, and the Meme War Veteran morale patch as well.

  • Size: 4x2" - Quarter coin in picture for scale
  • Weatherproof vinyl with thick 100% UV protective matte finish. Perfect for outdoor or indoor use.
  • Great for windows, gun cases, cars, laptops, travel trailers, boats, motor homes, trucks, motorcycles etc...